TTG Staff

A company is never better than what the employees make of it. It’s the result of cooperation between the individuals that provides the company’s performance. In short, the company with the best staff is also gonna be the most successful on it’s market. We are not very many at TTG, so the communications are simple but also in defined responsibility areas:

management, market management, idea and design, project management, production, quality, logistics and monitoring.

One more thing, we have fun together at our work, and if you have fun you tend to put in some extra energy at work. Also all of us loves the sea, that among other reasons is why we are stationed here in Värmdö.

Full TTG staff outside the office!

Mario Fincken

Mario Fincken, 1963

CEO, Marketing Manager, Technical Development, Staff Manager

Lives: Gustavsberg, Värmdö.
Hobbies/Interests: Everything with a rev.
Reading: Hmm…
Preferred food: Something tasty and home cooked.
Listens to: Others ;).

Thomas Jacobsson

Thomas Jacobsson, 1976

Local Manager, Project Management, Economy, Retail, IT

Lives: A villa in Evlinge, Värmdö.
Hobbies/Interests: Technology in general, also cars, boats, CNC-machining. carpentry.
Reading: Swedish car magazine Bilsport, also nail biting thrillers from authors such as Dan Brown or Lee Child.
Preferred food: A tasty home cooked/grilled steak with duchesse potatoes, red wine sauce and asparagus. Also shellfish.
Listens to: Pretty much everything but prefers pop, rock or dance.

Johan Vettersten

Johan Vettersten, 1972

Team leader, quality controls, logistics

Lives: Evlinge, Värmdö.
Hobbies/Interests: Cars.
Reading: Nothing inparticular.
Preferred food: Gourmé food.
Listens to: Pretty much everything except for classical music and operas.

Tore Pergel


Tore Pergel, 1946

Sales, resource

Lives: Ekerö, Stockholm.
Flight simulator.
Preferred food:
Anything good.
Listens to:
Plays various music himself.

Tord Heiderborn

Tord Heineborn

Head of Mobile service

Lives: In Sigtuna municipality.
My Camaro Z28 cab and my bike, ZZR 1100C. Paragliding, bicycling. My kids and grandkids, my dogs and my work.
Reading: Verkstadshandboken, always something interesting in there.
Preferred food:
BBQ, a fresh salad or Swedish classics.
Listens to:
Spotify, catchy music.