Environmental policy & GPDR

Environmental policy for Train Technology Gustavsberg AB

We are active in selling, service and manufacturing of special tools and spare parts for rail bound vehicles.

We have some contact with oils, solvents and other substances which may affect the environment.

  • Through working preventative and with constant improvement strive for a reduced environmental impact from the company´s operations.
  • Environmental consideration will weigh in for all of the company´s big decisions. Environmental responsibility is put as far as possible on purchase, manufacturing, tendering, administration and logistics.
  • Through information and education we will increase both the knowledge and the awareness of all fellow workers around environmental questions.
  • To follow applicable environment laws and prescriptions including other environment demands we see as a minimum.
  • Work for the waste that is unavoidable will be handled according to environmental friendly policies.
  • By taking into account views from customers, fellow workers, suppliers and other stakeholders will this be a source to renewal and improvement.
  • Our environment work will continue get controlled and improved, the environment policy is looked over so there are harder demands than what is originally put. This is to give us advantage at sharpened demands in the future.


What is GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation?

“GDPR” is a new data protection law that will take effect in the EU 25 May 2018 and replace the Swedish Personal Data Act “PUL”.
The law implies higher demands on how we as a company treat personal data. It gives you, as customer better possibility to
influence our handling of your data.
Through the new law, you will be able to order a registry with your personal information from our register.
All information you bring as customer to TTG is confidential.
The information we store in our customer register is:
•First and last name
• Address
• Phone
• E-mail
The information is stored in order to contact you as a customer regarding product, delivery, or other
questions related to your order.
We keep the data as long as you are a customer, only available for TTG. It won´t be shared with any other party.
As previously mentioned you have the right to inspect, modify or delete personal information about you, receiving an answer, through email, within 30 days.

For any question, please contact us by the data below